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Meet The Author

Linda is an Orlando, Florida native growing up just blocks from downtown Lake Eola Park. She is married, has a daughter, grandson, sister, brother, and many cousins nearby.

Linda has had a career that expands more than 40 years as a Tax Professional, Enrolled Agent, and Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner.
Linda is also uniquely qualified as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator-experienced in Circuit/Civil, Family & County Mediation.

For many years Linda has combined her love for dogs with her support and sponsorship of guide dogs for the blind and charities that raise and train all types of assistance dogs. After rescuing Lacey and recognizing her intelligence, sensitivity, and social nature, it seemed only natural to enroll her for training as a Therapy Dog. So began the “Lacey Book Series.” Linda hopes that sharing some of Lacey’s stories will promote the Therapy Dog’s contributions and unique talents.
Enjoying semi-retirement, Linda loves to travel with her husband. Genuinely enjoys spending time volunteering with Lacey at various venues and dreaming of Lacey’s next book ideas.

Contact Linda at linda@laceysadventures.com
10524 Moss Park Rd., 204255, Orlando, FL 32832

The Primary Purpose of a Therapy Dog

Is to be a non-judgmental source of fun, enjoyment, inspiration, and motivation.
Therapy Dogs can be a calming influence, offer a soothing interaction, or be a touchpoint to the standard and familiar.
Their calm and soothing nature helps those who are dealing with natural disasters, declining health, personal illness, or emotional distress.

The combination of Lacey’s training and confidence enables her to interact with people of all ages in a variety of settings. Together, Linda & Lacey’s mission is to improve the lives of everyone they meet.